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I collect traces of reality: posters,
newspapers, from all cultures
and all publications,
pieces of women’s legends, laces,
old tissues, used tapestries.
Sometimes I use the earth,
which becomes fertilizer
for my paintings. I choose spray
paints used in street art
and combine them with oil paint.
I work with relief and layers.

My approach consists of extracting
in a stream, like in calligraphy,
the sotto voce, which is born from
unconscious memories and flashes
of the past in all aspects.
Reconnect with the wildness of intuition,
from the body to the paint, all while
chiseling out an idea. In this way,
I differ from other artists
who merely conceptualize or paint

I have been a plastician since I was 9 years old.
At 15, I sculpted the plaster in large recycled panels, influenced by Joseph Beuys, who I saw at the Documenta, and by Anselm Kiefer.
My family prohibited me from doing art and I continued at night.
At 20, I was working on a book where I invite filmmakers
and artists to shut themselves in my room to paint and write,
because my approach is also conceptual.
My first orders were for urban tarpaulins.
For the Maison du Barreau on the Seine and Place Dauphine.
I painted a house in ruins in which one entered to discover a civilization.
A sort of pictorial urban exploration at the heart
of l’Ile de la Cité. I’ve always struggled for
a free and multiple femininity, and democracy of art.
I have edited artists, launched an eco-design gallery,
founded the creative manufacture ALCHIMIE which supports big names
of luxury in their innovations.
I kept it a secret on my painting, under the nickname
XB_R_(instagram, website) so my work doesn’t interfere
with my corporate image.

“I needed time to create, repeatedly and in multiples.
I first sculpted immense volumes that moved and lit up.
I was a feminist, sexually liberated, creative and an entrepreneur.
I faced Everest and it was my chance. Today I am ready.” XB_R_

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