dive into the world of XB_R_


XB_R_ hides and shuts himself away because for him it is more important for people to look at his manual work than his own private image. His first work was urban tarpaulins.
Some of his work was bought by atypical collectors.
The artist has remained secret.
Time is important, before sharing can get under way.

Coming up with an idea, designing, putting together and sharing.

In the paintings there is often a core axis, a figure of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. His back is no doubt aching but he conjures up dreams we all share.

To begin with my work was rebellious, in torrid conflict with sex, blood and social big shots. By leaving behind my own ego I am able to stand back and I’ve adopted a certain finesse and sensitivity while remaining “street”.
Art cannot exist cut off from life, messages, collage with the media, and the link with nature and people.
By destroying sheets and burning books, the spirit of the auto-da-fé comes to life. Leaving the inquisition behind and laying waste to indoctrinated memories. Re-engaging with the wild side of intuition, moving from the body to painting.
I took animals and sometimes their sloughing to express their unfathomable intelligence, I took earth to smell roots, and neon colours and gold for journeys through kitsch towns.
I worked at my frames using 18th century parquet floor-boards and crates. I stuck, stuck things on top of each other, and like some sort of carnivore I mangled up pigments, oils, pastels and inks

XB_R_ ‘s art can be read as infinity made out of nothing, short and sudden, unruly, weaving together unconscious, humble stories, and dark, solar energy.